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Student not appearing, or no valid results returned in student search

The student may not be added to the MAP Suite, or you may not be using the correct search criteria.

If you are certain the student has been added to the MAP Suite, try the following:
  1. Search using fewer search criteria. For example, if you are searching by first and last name, try searching by last name only.
  2. Search using different search criteria. For example, search by student ID instead of name.
  3. Use a wildcard search. For example, to search for John Doe, try searching for first name j*, last name d*. This can help if the student's name is misspelled, or may be entered using inconsistent punctuation (for example, hyphenated names or names with apostrophes).
  4. Transpose the student's first and last name. The student may have been accidentally entered with their first name in the last name field, and vice versa.
  5. Set the Term search menu to No term filter (all terms will be included in the search).

If you are still unable to locate the student, contact Partner Support for assistance.

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