Changing assigned accommodations or text-to-speech after starting a test

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Can the assigned accommodations (including text-to-speech) for a particular test be changed after the test has already begun?

You can only assign accommodations (including text-to-speech) to a student who is not actively testing. If the student is actively testing and you need to assign an accommodation, take these steps:
  1. Select the student and choose Suspend from the Select Action menu.
    • If you need the student to start over from question 1, select Terminate instead. Terminated tests cannot be recovered.
    • If the student's test is already suspended or terminated, continue to the next step.
  2. Select the student again and choose Test Again from the Select Action menu. This will set the student's status to Awaiting Student.
  3. Assign the accommodation to the student.
  4. The student can now sign back in to the test session to continue their test with the correct accommodation assignment.

How do accommodations appear on the Combined Data File (CDF)? What happens if I change accommodations?

  • Accommodations assigned before the test was started will appear in the CDF.
  • Accommodations assigned before the test was started and are later removed will appear in the CDF.
  • Accommodations assigned after the test has begun (for instance, if the test was suspended) will not appear in the CDF.

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