"Unexpected error has occurred" when importing a roster file

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You get the message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator." when importing a roster file.

You may receive this message after selecting Start New Import or Save and Next during error reconciliation. It can happen if there is a problem with your web browser, or if another user has cancelled your import.


When starting a new import:

  1. Clear your browser cache. See How to clear various web browsers' caches.
  2. Try another web browser or another computer.
  3. Verify that your organization has added the current academic year. See How to add a new academic year.

During the reconciliation process:

If you started importing and were in the process of reconciling errors when another user canceled your import, you will receive this error message when selecting Save and Next.
  1. Look at the status field under Import Profile History to see if your import has been canceled.
  2. Re-import your roster file when no other rosters are in process.

Note: If you were not in the process of reconciling errors, your import will simply be canceled without an error message if another user cancels the import.

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