What does the "Assign Next" button do?

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When viewing my students assignments on the Assignments tab, there's an Assign Next button by some students assignments. Why is that there, and what does it do?

The Assign Next button is available for completed assignments on the Assignments tab in MAP Skills. It allows you to quickly assign the type of mission that would sequentially follow the completed mission. For example, after a student completes a Skills Locator, use the Assign Next button to begin to assign an instructional resource for one of the "Needs Work" skills identified in that Skills Locator.

What is the sequential order used for the Assign Next button?

The sequential order follows the order that MAP Skills missions are intended to follow:
  • Skills Locator (to find Needs Work skills), then:
  • Instructional Resource (to practice skills), then:
  • Mastery Check (to determine whether the skill has been learned), then:
  • Skills Locator (to find more skills to work on), and so on.

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