August Partner Update - MAP Growth and MAP Skills

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NWEA Partner Update - MAP Skills

August Partner Update – MAP Growth and MAP Skills



August Partner Update – MAP Growth and MAP Skills

While the longer days of summer have been providing more light for reading and playing, the quiet of the season also offers an ideal time for us to make updates and enhancements to MAP® Growth™ and MAP® Skills™. This email outlines important news about the newly integrated Student Profile report and other MAP Skills product news. Product updates mentioned below are effective Monday, August 7. And since you may be the only recipient of this email within your district, please forward this email to teachers and others who might benefit from this information.

Making it Seamless—MAP Growth/MAP Skills Integration

Looking for a complete picture of your students’ performance, all in one report? With the enhanced Student Profile report you now get both MAP Growth and MAP Skills data together in one place for each student. And to make things even easier, you can assign MAP Skills missions directly from the Student Profile report. This integrated report provides valuable insights and tools to help teachers personalize instruction based on the student’s specific needs. Note: The MAP Skills data displays in the Student Profile report for all students in schools/districts that have licensed MAP Skills in addition to MAP Growth. All educators at these licensed schools/districts will see the MAP Skills data for their students whether or not they themselves use MAP Skills in their classrooms.


MAP Skills Data in Student Profile Report Instructional Areas Module

MAP Skills data will display along with MAP Growth data in the Instructional Areas module, which is now split into two sections. The left side shows the student’s RIT score associated with each instructional area, and the right side shows the ratio of how many related MAP Skills strands the student has been tested in for the current academic year.

Clicking on the strand data in the right column takes you to the related “Strands Tested” page, where you see additional MAP Skills data for each of the strands, including skill name, status, and assignment status. As appropriate, an “assign next” or “assign locator” button appears in the assignment status field. These buttons function in the same way they do within MAP Skills to make student assignments. Clicking the button opens MAP Skills in a new tab with the related assignment information pre-populated and ready to go. Pro tip: After making the student assignment in MAP Skills, click over to your previous tab to return to the "Strands Tested" page within the Student Profile report. Click the "refresh page" button on the Student Profile report to see the MAP Skills assignment status updates.

MAP Skills Onboarding Tutorial

To help users get started with MAP Skills in the new school year, the first time users log in, they will be presented with a new interactive tutorial to walk them through making their initial student assignment and setting up student passwords. The tutorial can be closed and reinitiated later by clicking on the link in the upper right.


Reminding You About Our New Look

In case you missed the news in the June partner update, the next time you log in to MAP Growth (formerly known as MAP) or MAP Skills (formerly known as Skills Navigator), you’ll notice the logos, product names, and login screens have a renewed look and feel. These changes are part of the exciting updates NWEA® has made to offer a more concise user experience and clearly convey our assessment offerings. While the look has changed, our mission, “Partnering to help all kids learn,” remains constant.

MAP Skills Professional Learning

There are now five half-day workshops available to help you get the most out of MAP Skills and further enhance your professional learning. These workshops can be scheduled on the same day or mixed and matched with any other workshops or data coaching:

  1. MAP Skills Basics
  2. MAP Skills Essential Reports & Data
  3. MAP Skills: Planning for Responsive Instruction
  4. Assessment Data for RTI
  5. Collaborative Problem Solving for Focused Intervention

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about these professional learning opportunities.

Reminder: Changes to Supported Browser and Operating System Versions

NWEA is ending support for the following older versions of operating systems and browsers this month, so it will no longer be possible to test using:

  • iOS8
  • Mac® OSX 10.8
  • Safari® 6.1, 6.2
  • Firefox® Versions below 50

As Microsoft has ended support for Windows 8, NWEA is now only able to offer limited support for this version of Windows. NWEA strongly recommends partners using Windows 8 update to Windows 8.1 or above. Windows 8 will not be permitted for MAP Growth or MAP Skills testing beginning July 2018.

Please refer to the latest system requirements for additional details.

Updated System Maintenance Window in the Community

The monthly platform and software maintenance windows page now includes all the dates for scheduled maintenance and software updates through the end of 2017. We recommend you refer to the schedule prior to testing to ensure no changes have been made.

We’re Here When You Need Us—Contact Partner Support Online

Need help? If the issue you’re experiencing is not urgent, consider submitting your question through our online form in the NWEA Connection community. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours from one of our helpful partner support representatives.

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This communication contains information required for the successful use of NWEA products and services. You are receiving this because you have been identified as having the role of "MAP Growth main contact" or "MAP Skills main contact" or are a MAP Skills system user. If you believe this is incorrect, please contact your Account Manager by calling 503.624.1951.


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