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In the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC), you receive an error saying, "An unexpected error has occurred, please contact the administrator" or "An unexpected error has occurred, please contact Partner Support".

This error is usually caused by a missing academic year, inactive term, or a problem with the student's term data.

The resolution for this error depends on where the error is received:
  1. When opening a testing session:
    1. There is no current active term.
    2. Go to Modify Preferences > Manage Terms. If you do not have access to this menu, please contact your district System Administrator or District Assessment Coordinator.
    3. Select the current academic year, then click View/Update Terms. If the academic year does not exist, see solution 2 below to create the academic year.
    4. Verify that the Active check box is selected for the current term.
    5. Verify that the dates (term start and end date, and test window start and end date) are correct.
    6. Click Submit. The term will be activated, and you will be able to test immediately. However, any changes on reports will take effect the next day.
  2. When viewing reports, generating data exports, or adding a new user or student:
    1. There is no current academic year.
    2. Go to Modify Preferences > Manage Terms. If you do not have access to this menu, please contact your district System Administrator or District Assessment Coordinator.
    3. Verify that the current academic year is missing from the list.
    4. Click Add Academic Year.
    5. Verify that the dates are correct. The month and day will default to the same month and date from the previous academic year. These dates can be adjusted at any time.
    6. Click Submit.
    7. The error will persist until reports are updated overnight. Reports are available the following day.
  3. Viewing or updating a term for a student:
    1. The student's term data has a problem. The term should be deleted and re-added.
    2. In Manage Students, search for the student.
    3. Select the student's name, then click View/Update.
    4. Select the term for which you were trying to use to run the report.
    5. If you are able, click View/Update Term and make a note of all of the student's schools, classes and programs. Then click Cancel, and OK to continue.
      • If you cannot view the term, gather the student's information from your student information system so that you can re-enter it.
    6. Select the term again.
    7. Click Remove Term.
    8. Click OK to confirm you want to remove the term from this student.
    9. Click Add Term.
    10. Select the term, grade and ethnic group from the drop down lists.
    11. The school will usually be populated automatically.
      • If it is not, or if you need to add another school, click Add School, enter the first few letters of the school name, and click Search. When the school appears, click Add School.
    12. Click Add Classes. Select the school from the drop down.
    13. Enter the first few letters of the instructor's last name, then select the name from the list. 
    14. Select the class, then click Add Class to move the class to the Classes to Assign list.
    15. Repeat the previous three steps for each class you need to add.
    16. When you have added all of the student's classes, click Add Classes.
    17. Select any applicable programs from the list, and click Add to move them to Assigned Programs. Programs are optional.
    18. Click Add Term, then click Continue.
    19. Click Submit.
    20. You should now be able to view the term without an error.
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