Navigating the new Professional Learning Online

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Annotated views of the new Professional Learning Online

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Professional Learning Online Interface

Screenshot of Courses home page. The menu in the upper left is annotated: Access full catalogs, transcripts, and Admin tools. Use the catalog to enroll in more courses and add them to your My Courses list. The Search bar at the top is annotated: Search all the catalogs by course name or keyword. The My Courses list is annotated: My Courses shows a list of all courses in which you are enrolled or have started. Side scroll through the list or click the list name to view all the courses on a single page.
New Admin Interface

Screenshot of admin interface with notations. The Members tab is notated: Manage user accounts for users associated with your school or district. The Add Members tab is notated: Associate users with your district or school, and send email notifications. The Reports tab is notated: Find links to reports to track user and course completions. The Select Action menu is notated: Select a user and then select an action.
Course Completion and Course Retake Directions:

Retake a course using the Go To Course Content button:

Screenshot of course content page. Below the name of the course is a progress bar and text indicating the number of parts completed, in this case 5/5 parts completed. Below this is a button labeled Go to Course Content. Below the button are the individual parts of the course.

Course Player

Screenshot of the Course Player. The Table of Contents toggle at the top is labeled 1. The Previous and Next buttons are labeled 2. The scroll bar is labeled 3. Course parts with an orange check mark are labeled 4. Course parts with green check marks are labeled 5.
  1. Toggle the table of contents view.
  2. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move through the course pages. Some courses only have one page.
  3. Use the scroll bar to quickly scan all the course pages.
  4. Use the check marks to track which pages have been completed. Green is complete. Orange is in-progress.
  5. All the check marks for pages before the Course Complete page must be green to complete the course. Pages after the Course Complete page are optional.

Navigation Menu

Screenshot of the Navigation Menu. The Menu button in the upper left is circled. The menu options are: Courses Home, My Courses, My Transcripts, Course catalog, Professional Learning Community, Edit Profile, Administration (restricted), and Help.

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