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NWEA Professional Learning Online User's Guide

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Professional Learning Online is the professional development learning platform NWEA™. It is a place where you can find learning activities and materials that will help deepen your knowledge about MAP® Growth and other NWEA products.

Professional Learning Online contains the following:
  • Course lists: Learning is available based on the products that your district has purchased. Lists only show courses you are enrolled in.
  • Course Catalogs: A catalog of all learning activities available to you. Click on a course in the catalog to enroll in it. Filter the list by clicking the categories folder to show the learning paths. Learning Paths are courses that are grouped by roles.
  • Navigation Menu: Links to the pages in the system.
  • Help: Links to the user guides, help pages, and FAQs.
  • Profile: Sign out and user account information.
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About This Guide

This guide is written for NWEA districts and schools who have a licensed product with training courses in Professional Learning Online. This guide can help you understand the following:
  • Account Activation
    • Activation process
    • Create an account
  • Accessing Learning
    • Districts that purchased Online MAP Administration
    • Districts that did not purchase Online MAP Administration
    • Start Learning
    • Complete a Learning Activity/Course and Transcripts
    • Pause a Learning Activity
  • Site Navigation
    • Welcome
    • My Learning (Home)
    • Course Catalog and Learning Paths
    • Navigation Links
    • Help
      • Content Help
      • Technical Support
      • FAQ
      • User Guide
      • System Requirements
While this guide provides an overview of processes and details in specific areas, it is not a step-by-step guide for all tasks.

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Account Activation

Your Professional Learning Online Administrator can provide you with access to Professional Learning Online. If you are unsure who the administrator is for your district or school, please contact your NWEA Coordinator or Assessment Coordinator.

Create an Account

Your Professional Learning Online Administrator may notify you that your email address has been added to your district's or school's Professional Learning Online account. If you do not get this notification, you can still create an account for Professional Learning Online. You will not see any courses until your administrator adds you to your district's or school's Professional Learning Online account.

Set Up Your Credentials

Before accessing Professional Learning Online, you will need to create your account.
  1. Go to
  2. In the upper right, select Log in.
  3. At the NWEA Services page, click Register a New Account.
  4. Enter your email and first and last name.
  5. Submit the form and see a message to check your email to verify your email account.
  6. Find the verify email, and click the verify / activate link. Please check your spam folders if you do not receive the verification email within a few minutes.
  7. The link will return you to the NWEA Services site. Select a password and click Complete Registration to create your account.
    • Note: Passwords must meet minimum requirements:
      • At least 8 and not more than 20 characters
      • At least one lowercase character
      • At least one uppercase character
      • At least one digit or special character
      • No spaces
      • Cannot be the same as your email address
      For example: Bl@nk3t$
  8. A successful login opens the Professional Learning Online dashboard.
  9. Select the Courses link to access your courses.
    User-added image
Once logged in, courses you are pre-enrolled in appear in your Courses list on the Courses home page. Most courses are not pre-enrolled. All courses available to your district or school are found under Course Catalogs. If you have more than one NWEA licensed product, you may see multiple catalogs. Click a course in the course catalog to enroll in it and start the course. Click the Categories folder in the Catalog area to show learning paths that display courses recommended for your role or current position. Click a learning path to filter the catalog list and only display courses relevant to that learning path.

User-added image 
Logging in After Account Creation

Access the log in page directly at Select Log in in the upper right.

Enter your email address and the password you created during the account creation process. If you cannot remember your password, navigate to the forgot password section of this guide.

Select or Change your MAP® Role

Roles have been removed from Professional Learning Online. Use the Learning Paths in the Categories tool in the Course Catalogs area to view the courses recommended for each role you may fulfill at your district.

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Accessing Learning

Districts That Purchased Web-Based Online MAP® Administration, or Onsite MAP® workshops

If your district purchased a Web-Based Online MAP® Administration or Onsite MAP® Administration NWEA professional learning workshop, the associated Learning Plans will automatically populate under My Learning list > Workshop Content the first time you log in after creating your account.

These learning activities are recommended as a part of the Online and Onsite MAP® Administration workshop series. However, other learning activities are open to you, as well. To access learning activities that are not a part of your NWEA professional learning workshop learning, see the section in this document regarding the Courses Catalogs.

Districts That Did Not Purchase Web-Based Online MAP® Administration or other NWEA professional learning workshops

For districts that did not purchase a Web-Based Online or Onsite MAP® Administration training, only one pre-enrolled learning Introduction activity will appear under My Learning list > Role Based Training the first time you log in after creating your account. Find the learning paths in the Categories tool under Course Catalogs to choose other relevant learning activities for your role or current position at your district or school.

Start Learning

To launch a learning activity from a course list, click the blue course name:

Or, from the Courses Catalog, click the green plus sign to start the course:

Complete a Learning Activity

Upon completion of the learning activity, click Submit in the top right corner of the screen.
Get Started 
Select the Next button in the course player to move to the next activity.
- OR - 
Choose an activity from the table of contents in the upper left to navigate between activities.

Icon Legend:
- Activity is complete
- Activity is in progress
- Activity has not been started
For most video activities, you can pause and resume at a later time. Use the controls (when available) within the activity to pause and resume.
See Progress 
Scroll down to see your progress throughout the course under Course Info.
Complete Course 
To complete a course, complete all of the required activities, including the Course Complete activity. The table of contents menu found in the site navigation menu bar at the left side of the screen will show green check marks next to all completed activities.

Any activities after the Course Complete activity are optional, and are not required to be completed for course completion to be achieved.
End of Course Screen / Retake a course 
If you get to the end of the course and see a blue screen, you can navigate back to any part of the course to re-watch or redo an activity.

Click the table of contents arrow in the site navigation menu bar at the left side of the screen to open the table of contents, and then click an activity to repeat the activity.

You can also click the Previous link in the bottom of the course player to linearly move back through the course activities.
User-added image


Completed learning activities can be found under My Courses immediately after finishing. A personal transcript can be accessed from the site navigation menu by clicking the transcript link in the left side menu.

User-added image

Note to users updating to the new version of Professional Learning Online: Courses completed in the previous version of Professional Learning Online are shown on your transcript, but the new version of the course in the updated Professional Learning Online are not preset to Completed. We hope that you revisit the new version of the course to check for any new updates.

Pause a Learning Activity

To pause a video learning activity and return to it at a later time, simply close the course. The next time you return, you can resume where you left off.

For most video activities, you can pause and resume at a later time. Use the controls (when available) within the activity to pause and resume.

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Site Navigation


Annotated screenshot of page layout

Your Courses lists are found on the courses home page that loads after logging into Professional Learning Online.

Role Based Training list: All users are pre-enrolled in a MAP Introduction course. This course is visible for all new users at the time of login. As you enroll and start courses that are part of Learning Paths found in the Categories tool of the Course Catalog, these role-based courses will also appear in this list.

Workshop Content list: Courses associated with NWEA professional learning workshops are found in this list. Users are pre-enrolled in all NWEA professional learning workshops courses. If your district or school has not purchased any professional learning workshops, this list will not appear.

Course Catalogs

Annotated screenshot of the course catalogs page
The Course Catalog houses the learning activities that are available to you based on your NWEA products subscription. Click any course name to enroll in and start the course. Once you have started any learning activity, it will also appear in under My Learning > Role Based Training if it is a part of a role-based learning path, and it will display under My Courses, which shows all courses that you have started.

Titles found in the catalogs are sorted alphabetically. You can search for a course in a catalog using the spy glass tool.

Click the Categories folder to view different learning paths by roles. Click a learning path and the courses relevant to the role will be displayed.

Learning paths match the roles you fulfill at your district. If you are not sure of your role, click through the learning paths until you find a group of courses that are most relevant to your position.

Click a course to enroll in the course and start it.


User-added image
Helpful links to NWEA resources are found in the navigation menu. Use these links to explore more Professional Learning Online resources.
  • Courses Home: The home page in Professional Learning Online.
  • My Courses: Displays all courses you are enrolled in, have started and have completed.
  • My Transcripts: Returns you to the My NWEA portal and shows course progress and completion.
  • Course Catalogs: Displays all courses in all catalogs to which you have access.
  • Professional Learning Community: Opens the NWEA Connection community site.
  • Administration: Only Professional Learning Online Administrators are able to access the administration tools.
  • Help: Links to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page and other resources for detailed help concerning Professional Learning Online.


Use the spyglass tool in the navigation menu to search courses by keyword.

The navigation menu search tool allows you to narrow your search areas by selecting to search all learning objects, course names and descriptions, learning plans or the training materials in a course (the pages that make-up each individual course). Enter the keywords, click the tab of the objects to search, and click the spyglass to execute the search.


Use the Help link in the navigation menu to get to all the help resources for Professional Learning Online.

Please consult the FAQ prior to contacting support. You’ll find the answers to many of your questions there. If you need further assistance, contact NWEA Partner Support online here.

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My Account

Forgot Password

If you cannot remember your account username or password:
  1. Select Forgot Password? on the NWEA Services login page.
    User-added image
  2. Enter your email address and click Search.
  3. Check your email for the new password that was sent to you.
  4. If you do not see the password reset email in your inbox, please check your spam, junk, quarantine, or clutter folder for the email. This is where the email typically goes if it does not appear in your inbox. The email is sent from a Do Not Reply address such as: NWEA < >

Outstanding Invites

If you have been previously invited through the earlier version of Professional Learning Online, but have not created your account yet, you can still use the invitation you previously received.

Follow the directions found on the invitation redirect page to create your Professional Learning Online account.

Not sure, or never previously invited

Ask your district or school's Professional Learning Online Administrator to confirm you have been added to your Professional Learning Online account. If you do not know who your administrator is, please contact the MAP Coordinator or lead contact for NWEA at your location.

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