Grayed out (low lighted) test results

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Test events are low-lighted or grayed out in reports. The most common causes for this issue are described in this article.


The student has taken more than one test in the subject

If there is more than one test event which meets the criteria for growth test event, then the test event with the lowest standard error of measure — rounded to one decimal place — will be the valid test event. The other will be greyed out. If the tests have equivalent standard errors, see How does MAP choose which test to include on reports when a student retests?

If you wish to change which test is the valid test for growth purposes, you can suppress the unwanted test from reports. There is no way to completely delete a test from the MAP Growth system. To suppress the test, see Fix Test Events in the MAP Help Center.

Student tested outside of the testing window

  1. Have a System Administrator check the test window dates in the Modify Preferences > Manage Terms section.
  2. Check the test window dates (not the term window dates) to ensure the test falls within them.
  3. If necessary, modify the test window dates to include the tests in reports. Reports update overnight.

Test has an invalidation code

If the test is invalid and does not have a score, it will be displayed in grey text on the Class report and the Grade report, and have an invalidation code instead of a RIT score. The Students Without Valid Test Results report will also provide an invalid status. The invalidation codes are below:

No norms available for grade and subject - Student Profile report

On the Student Profile report, student's tests have colored backgrounds to indicate the range in which the student's percentile ranking falls. For example, it will be green if the student's percentile is between 60 and 80. However, if there are no norms available for the grade or subject, the background color will be grey instead. The test is valid, but does not have any norms data.

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