When to use the NWEA Integrated Math tests

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How should teachers decide whether to give integrated math tests?

Integrated mathematics is a series of high school courses that integrate the topics taught in algebra and geometry courses. Teachers should only use the integrated math high school tests if they are teaching integrated math courses, as opposed to separate algebra and geometry courses. For more information on integrated math, see Integrated mathematics on Wikipedia.org.

We have 3 integrated math assessments that correspond to the 3 years of instruction in a typical integrated math series of courses. Each assessment is available in either the "Growth" or "Screening" type. For example, if you are teaching the third year of integrated math, your students would take Growth: Integrated Math 3 during your normal testing terms (typically fall, winter, and spring).

New integrated math assessments vs. previous end-of-course integrated math

Previously, we had 2 end-of-course integrated math assessments. One assessment was designed to be administered at both the end of the first and the second year of integrated math. The other was designed to be administered at the end of the third year. However, the new high school integrated math assessments can be administered up to 3 times a year, as with any other MAP Growth assessment, and each year of integrated math has its own test.


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