What information is provided on the End of Test screen?

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What information is provided on the end-of-test screen?

The end-of-test screen provides immediate data relative to student performance for the test they just completed.
The displayed MAP Growth test information includes:
  • Student name
  • Test subject or measurement scale
  • Overall RIT
  • Lexile® range (reading tests only)
  • Goal strand RIT score and range (MAP Growth tests only, not screening tests)
Additional information includes:
  • Test duration
  • Test date
  • Test name

K-2 Screening and Skills Checklists

K-2 Screening and Skills Checklist end-of-test screens will vary slightly.

For example, the displayed Skills Checklist information includes:
  • Student name
  • Test subject or measurement scale
  • Overall percent correct
  • Percent correct for each skill and sub-skill

Screening: Spanish Reading tests

These grade-specific tests have an end-of-test screen similar to the K-2 Screening and Skills Checklist tests. See What is the new Spanish Reading screening test? for more information.

Printing or saving the end-of-test screen 

We recommend printing the end-of-test screen if you wish to save it, as the screen cannot be generated later. Use the Print button at the bottom of the screen. To save the file as a PDF, we recommend using a PDF printer. For more information, see Can I view the end-of-test screen after the student has exited the test?

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