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October Partner Update

Back-to-school season is officially behind us, allowing time to focus on instruction and driving academic growth. The following updates to MAP® Growth™ let you put your attention where it’s needed: on your students. With your fall testing nearly wrapped up, you may be asking “what’s next?” Use the Student Profile report to make the data you’ve collected actionable; read on for information about how you can do that more easily than ever before.

Since you may be the only recipient of this email within your district, please forward this email to teachers and other MAP Growth users who might benefit from this information.

Per Your Request: Student Profile Batch Printing Saves Teachers Time

Effective October 5, you can use the new ‘Print and Share’ function to batch print the Student Profile report for an entire class or download a PDF for an individual student. The new ‘Print and Share’ function allows you to choose one or more subjects, whether to include learning statements and growth goals, and which students to include.


Batch Printing

If you haven’t found the Student Profile report yet, you can find it here:

Free online training to use the Student Profile report is available here:



Seamlessly Integrate Your MAP Data With Your Instructional Connection

Starting this fall, in addition to exporting your MAP Growth results, you can also share data with online instructional resources with our new API feature for Instructional Connections. After you grant access, the tool can pull a student's test results through a secure application interface. Instead of sending data manually, your district can authorize your Instructional Connection to automatically receive your test data to generate data-driven individualized learning paths for each student. Wowzers will be the first Instructional Connection available at the time of the release; others will become available soon. Stay tuned for information on when your provider will be synced with MAP Growth.



New MAP Growth K–2 Practice Tests Now Available

We’ve just released new practice tests for MAP Growth K–2 that appear in the list of tests you can give students. These practice tests are in addition to (and do not replace) the existing MAP Growth K–2 warm-up tests, which are still useful for providing students a demonstration video. However the practice tests have the advantage of supporting iPads and giving students a larger sample of questions. Proctors can assign students either the PRACTICE: Math K‑2 test (10 questions) or PRACTICE: Reading K‑2 test (8 questions). You administer them just like standard tests, but the test results are invalidated and will not appear on the MAP Growth K-2 reports (only the skills checklist reports).



The MAP Growth K–2 Puppy Has Returned Home

Did you miss him? MAP Growth K–2 users may have noticed the cute dog announcing students completed their test vanished for a short time. We’re happy to report that he’s back, wagging tail and all, and ready to let your kids know they’ve successfully finished their MAP Growth K–2 assessment.



A Variety of Rostering Options at Your Fingertips

We offer a range of options for rostering students, from manual rostering (which is currently part of the MAP Growth product offering) to auto rostering solutions, including one from Clever. For more information about rostering options and finding the solution that best works for you, contact your NWEA account representative.



New Operating Systems Provide More Flexibility

We now support iOS 11 for testing and MacOS 10.13 for testing and administration. You can find a full list of supported operating systems and browsers at https://teach.mapnwea.org/impl/maphelp/Content/MAPSetup/Technology/



Change Safari 11 Default Settings to Enable Sound

Apple has included a new setting in Safari 11 (released September 19) that allows users to turn media auto-play on or off. The default is set to "off," so if you’re using the Safari 11 browser for testing, your sounds will be silent unless you go into the settings and re-enable the sounds to play. You will need to re-enable auto-play for each machine that is using Safari 11.

  • If you use a Mac operating system (laptop and desktop) and only the Safari 11 browser – Open the Safari settings on each machine to turn media auto-play on
  • If you use a Mac operating system and the Mac lockdown browser – No action is needed
  • If you use iPads with the related MAP Growth app – No action is needed (Note: The Safari browser app on iPads do not support MAP Growth)

Once you’ve done that, you should be good to go. We hear that Google is going to be releasing a new version of Chrome around January 2018 with a similar setting as well. Stay tuned for further developments.



We’re Here When You Need Us—Contact Partner Support Online

Need help? If the issue you’re experiencing isn’t urgent, consider submitting your question through our online form in the NWEA Connection community. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours from one of our helpful partner support representatives.

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