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Frequently asked questions on how to submit a suggestion regarding a product or their support services in the Suggestion Box space


I have a suggestion for NWEA! Where can I submit it?

To submit a suggestion, login to the Suggestion Box space in NWEA Connection.

Who can submit a suggestion?

Anyone with a Professional Learning Online or other NWEA services account can submit a suggestion. See How do I create an account and sign in to NWEA Connection?

Who has access to this space?

The Suggestion Box space in NWEA Connection is a closed space that requires you to login to view. If you are logged in but still unable to access the Suggestion Box, see Unauthorized error: Unable to use discussions or manage cases in NWEA Connection

How do I add my suggestion?

Follow the steps below to submit your suggestion:
  1. Sign in to NWEA Connection.
  2. Navigate to the Suggestion Box space.
  3. Click on Submit Idea.
  4. Enter a title for your suggestion. If your suggestion matches another one that has already been submitted, you can click on the preview to add a vote to it or you can continue to add yours.
  5. Provide a description with as much detail as possible.
  6. You may add tags to your suggestion to make it easier for others to find in the community.
  7. In the Advanced Options, you can elect to add authors to your suggestion, if you are working on it as a team.
  8. Click Create Idea to publish it. Your suggestion will be moderated within 48 hours.

What should I expect after I submit my suggestion?

The Suggestion Box is a moderated space and all suggestions will be reviewed and approved before they appear for other users. All suggestions will be moderated within 48 hours. Once your suggestion is approved, other community members will be able to view and vote on it.

How can I vote on an existing suggestion?

Click on the suggestion, you can then choose to vote it up or down.

Will all top-rated suggestions be implemented in the product?

While NWEA greatly appreciates the time our partners take to review and vote on suggestions, it is not possible for us to guarantee when or if the top-rated suggestions will be included in our products. Top-rated suggestions are regularly reviewed and given to the appropriate team. Its inclusion in the product will largely depend on how closely it aligns to our current goals and product roadmap.

What if my suggestion is rejected?

This may occur if your suggestion was found to be a technical support issue or that it violated the community's guidelines. See Terms of Use

Will I ever be contacted in regard to my suggestion?

You may be contacted if the suggestion you submitted is a technical support issue. In these situations, we will create a support case and ask that Partner Support follows up with you.

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