What is the difference between Skills Checklist and MAP Skills?

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What is the difference between Skills Checklists and MAP Skills?

The central difference is that Skills Checklists are intended for the youngest students, primarily grades K-1, while MAP Skills covers a broad range of content in math, reading and language for grades K-8. Skills Checklists are similar to Mastery Checks, but cover more specific skills and concepts. They also have a look and feel that is more appropriate for younger students.

Content covered:

  • MAP Skills covers a broad range of content in mathematics and English language arts (ELA), K-8, and is organized into a logical instructional sequence.
  • Skills Checklists cover a subset of the early reading and early numeracy skills that are taught in K-2. There is an individual assessment for each skill area.

Test design:

  • MAP Skills includes the adaptive Skills Locator and the non-adaptive Mastery Check which collectively provide categorical scores (mastered/passed/needs work) relative to each skill, and a curated list of skills to target for instruction.
  • Skills Checklists provide a raw %correct for the test.
  • MAP Skills provides actionable data, progress monitoring reports, and links to targeted instructional resources.
  • The Skills Checklists are not adaptive and give the students the same questions every time they take the same Skills Checklist but in a different order, and can be given as many times as necessary during the school year. They can be used between growth assessments to determine which skills require the greatest focus. 

Item design and user interface:

  • MAP Skills uses a dynamic graphical user interface and has been designed primarily for students in 3rd-8th grade.
  • Skills Checklists were designed for K-2 students, and not only include audio but also a younger look and feel. 

Test duration: 

  • MAP Skills test length varies depending on which type of MAP Skills tests are assigned. See Assign Missions in the MAP Skills Help Center for more information on test types and duration.
  • Skills Checklist test length varies depending on which Skills Checklists tests are assigned. See Early Learner Testing in the MAP Help Center for more information on test types and duration

Optimal use case:

  • Overall, MAP Skills gives the teacher and student a lot of flexibility and value. You get mastery data and targeted instructional data across all MAP Growth goal areas.
  • Skills Checklists follow an overall sequence of academic progression so you can use the assessment most appropriate to each student's abilities and will provide a percent correct on a specific set of questions. For K-2 students, they can give a good view of skills mastery for the specific content covered.

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