When was the latest NWEA Norms Study released, and does it reflect Common Core?

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When was the latest NWEA Norms Study released, and does it include data from Common Core aligned tests?

The latest NWEA Norms Study was released in summer 2015. Since the release, all MAP Growth reports, for tests taken both before and after the norms study was released, reflect the new norms. Normally the Norms Study is updated every several years.

You can find the full norms study and summary documents linked here: MAP Growth: Where can I find the Norms Study and related documents?

Do the 2015 norms include data from Common Core tests?

Yes, the 2015 Norms Study does include data from tests aligned to Common Core State Standards, as well as tests aligned to other standards. Keep in mind that all alignments use the same RIT scale, so both the 2015 and the 2011 norms studies are valid for all standards alignments. Common Core items and state-aligned items are pulled from the same item pool and are calibrated on the same scale.

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