How to correct duplicate users in MAP

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It is important to correct duplicate user profiles to prevent errors with updating and rostering in the future. When you update a user, you could get an error that says "A profile for this user already exists and cannot be duplicated". When you import a roster, you may get an error that says, "More than one match found for user, and user name matches a different instructor. No reconciliation is necessary." This error prevents the teacher and associated students from importing. You can correct the issue by editing the user profiles under Manage Users. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.


Can I just inactivate the duplicate profile?

We do not recommend inactivating the duplicate profile without following the steps in this article. While inactivating may fix problems in the short term, you will run into problems in the future with rostering. If the roster process detects duplicate profiles, even inactivated ones, it will not be able to import records containing the duplicated user until the issue is resolved by following the steps in this article.

Step 1: Locate the duplicate user profile and attempt to delete duplicates

  1. Under Manage Users, search by last name and make sure you check the box, Include Inactive Users.
    • If you do not find anything searching by the last name, you may need to try using an asterisk (*) after the last name, searching by ID only, or searching by first name only. 
  2. If any of the duplicate profiles are inactive, select them and click Activate Profile.
  3. Select each of the duplicate profiles. If the option Delete activates (turns blue), click on it to delete the duplicate profile. 
  • If you cannot delete all the duplicates then proceed to the next section. You can only delete profiles that do not have classes assigned to them.
  • If you can delete the duplicate profiles and no other duplicates exist, then verify that the user information in the remaining profile is correct. See section the below on verifying the primary user's profile information.

Step 2: Determine the primary user profile and edit the duplicate profile

Follow the steps in this section precisely. Skipping any steps in editing the duplicate profile's information can result in future problems with importing rosters.

  1. Choose the profile that you want to use as the primary user profile.
    • You can investigate each profile by selecting it and choosing View/Update.
    • We recommend keeping the profile with the most historical or class data, so you have less class data to add or move.
  2. Select a duplicate profile that you plan to inactivate or delete and choose View/Update.
  3. Edit the username by adding .old to the end. If there is more than one duplicate profile, you can add .old1, .old2, etc. For example, if the username is Username123, change it to Username123.old.
  4. Remove the email address (if one exists).
  5. Remove the instructor ID (if one exists).
  6. Add .old to the end of the first and last name.
  7. Click Submit on the following two pages, noting the following:
    • The first summary page shows the terms and classes currently associated with the profile. All of these terms and classes will need to be added to the profile that you are keeping. Make note of everything that needs to be moved to the primary profile.
    • If you get a message about the profile being a potential duplicate, click Ignore and Continue
  8. You should receive a message saying that the user profile was updated successfully. 
  9. Click Return to Search Results.
  10. Repeat until all duplicate profiles have been modified.

Step 3: Verify that the primary user profile information is correct

  1. Under Manage Users, select the primary user profile and choose View/Update.
  2. Verify that the following information is all correct:
    • User Name
    • Email Address
    • Instructor/Educator ID
    • First and Last Name
  3. If anything is incorrect, you should be able to update it now.
    • If you did not make any changes then proceed to the next section.
  4. Click Submit until you receive a message stating the user profile was updated successfully. 
  5. Click on Return to Search Results

Important Note:
If you update any of the primary user's information, make sure you also update your roster file or your student information system to match. This will help prevent future issues. 

Step 4: Move or add classes to the primary user profile

If the primary user profile already contains all of the correct classes then you can move onto the next section. If any classes need to be moved from a duplicate profile to the primary profile, then follow these instructions.

There are three ways that you can move or add classes to a user in bulk:

  1. Recommended: Add any existing classes assigned to the duplicate profile to the primary user profile, creating a Multiple Instructor class, then delete the classes from the duplicate profile.
    • See Reassigning Classes to a Different Instructor.
    • Make sure not to delete the school from the duplicate profile, or you will be unable to save your changes.
    • This option is best if the classes are correct but assigned to the duplicate user profile, which is the most common scenario.
  2. Perform a bulk update. See How to update student or class information in bulk
    • Add the term and classes to the primary teacher's profile before performing the bulk update.
    • This will also let you remove students from the duplicate teacher's class
    • After removing students from the duplicate teacher's class, you can then delete the class from the duplicate teacher profile.
  3. Import a Standard - Add/Update roster
    • This is only recommended if the duplicate user profile has no classes assigned, and all you need to do is add missing classes to the primary profile.
    • The import only needs to include the teacher and students affected.
    • Select the Standard - Add/Update option (selected by default) so the rest of the school does not become unrostered.

Full details on performing each of these actions can be found here: How to update student or class information in bulk.

Note: If many terms and classes are duplicated across multiple profiles, you can modify the duplicate user profile with generic information and inactivate it without moving classes. This will suppress the duplicate class reports while avoiding user account conflicts in the future. This is only recommended when there are years of duplicate data. Otherwise, use the steps above to remove the duplicate class from the students and then delete it from the teacher.

It is very important that you modify all the user information in any profile you intend to inactivate as described earlier in this article. If you intend to inactivate the profile and you did not modify or remove the user information as described above, please go back and complete this step.

Step 5: Inactivate or delete the duplicate user profile

  1. Perform a search for the duplicate user's profile by searching by last name only and including an asterisk (*) after the last name.
    • You need to use an asterisk because we previously added .old to the end of the last name.
  2. Delete should activate (turn blue), if you were able to remove students from the duplicate teacher's class or delete all existing classes from all terms. If this is the case, go ahead and delete the profile by clicking Delete
  3. If the classes were not deleted from the duplicate teacher, you can go ahead and inactivate the profile by selecting the profile and clicking on Inactivate Profile.
    • Important note: You must remove or alter user information in the duplicate profile as described earlier in this article before inactivating the profile. If you skipped those steps, please go back and edit the duplicate profile as described above. If you leave any piece of information unaltered, you are likely to encounter issues when you import your rosters.

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