Are Skill Locators and Mastery Checks adaptive?

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Are Skill Locators and Mastery Checks adaptive?

Skill Locators in mathematics, vocabulary and language usage are adaptive. The Skills Locator for reading is not adaptive due to the length of time required to assess reading comprehension with passage-based common stimulus sets of items. This means that more than one administration per strand may be required to identify a student’s instructional reading level.

Mastery Checks are pass or fail and are thus not adaptive. However, they will stop if a student has answered two questions incorrectly, or answered five correctly, since the standard for mastery is to answer five out of six questions correctly. This reduces assessment time. The Mastery Checks for mathematics, reading and language also will display a new set of items in a new order every time the assessment is given. Mastery Checks are not fixed-form.

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