When to transition students from MAP Growth K-2 to 2-5 reading or math

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Should a second grade student or a high performing first grade student take the MAP Growth K-2 test or the 2-5 test?

For detailed recommendations on transitioning students between tests, see MAP Growth Transition Guidance on NWEA.org.

As a general rule, students should be tested according to the content they are being taught in the classroom. Even though K-2 and 2-5 tests are on the same scale, the content assessed is different. If students are receiving instruction on second grade content, they should be administered 2-5 assessments. NWEA recommends considering the following when deciding whether to transition a student from K-2 to 2-5:
  • Can the student read independently? K-2 includes audio support, while 2-5 does not.
  • Has the student been exposed to 2nd grade content? While this is not a major concern for reading, students who haven't been exposed to 2nd grade content generally shouldn't take the math 2-5 test.
  • Has the student already tested this academic year? We do not recommend that students switch tests mid-year. This is a change from our prior recommendations.
  • Does the student have any special considerations? Students with IEPs, 504s, or other needs such as ELL may have circumstances that are best served by taking a different assessment than their peers.
  • Is the student scoring above 190 in K-2 reading, or 200 in K-2 math, or below 150 in either 2-5 math or reading? If so, consider switching the student to the higher or lower test.

For more detailed guidance, please contact your Account Manager, or NWEA Partner Support.

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