What is the relationship between standard deviation for a subject and for goal areas?

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On reports like the Grade Report, the standard deviation for goal areas does not match with the standard deviation for the entire subject. Why is this?

Standard deviation is an indicator of how closely students in the group are performing. A group with a lower standard deviation is going to be more clustered than a group with a higher standard deviation.

Standard deviation for a subject is not an average or composite of the standard deviations for each goal area. If a particular goal area has a higher standard deviation, it is an indication that the students are performing at a wider range in that goal than in the subject overall. In this example, if you were to go into a Class Breakdown by RIT report for this group of students, you would see the students clustered closely around a RIT band. However, in the Class Breakdown by Goal, you will see those same students more spread out in the goals with the higher standard deviation.

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