RIT score did not transfer to MAP Skills

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When you are assigning a Skills Locator to a student, their RIT score is not available. You may see a message "Some students you have selected have no available RIT data. What starting point would you like to choose for them"?

In most cases, MAP Skills will automatically transfer the student's most recent RIT score in math, reading, or language as appropriate. However, not all MAP Growth test scores transfer. If the RIT score option does not appear at all, see No RIT score option for Skills Locator starting point in MAP Skills.

How can I tell whether a RIT score is available for which students?

  1. When you are creating a Skills Locator assignment, select the RIT score starting point. See How to assign a mission.
  2. Verify that you have selected a subject and instructional area.
  3. Scroll down to the list of students. If a RIT score is available, it will be listed beneath the student's name:
    Screenshot of two students, one with a RIT score and one with "No RIT" listed

If there is no available RIT data when assigning a Skills Locator, check the following:

  1. Verify that the student has a valid RIT score in the subject. You can check reports such as the Student Progress Report or the Class Report.
  2. Verify that the test the student took was a Growth 2-5 or 6+ test.
    • MAP Growth K-2, Screening, and Spanish math tests are currently not automatically imported in to MAP Skills.
    • We may add this functionality in a future version of MAP Skills.
  3. If the above do not explain the situation, please contact NWEA Partner Support for more information.

If the RIT score does not transfer automatically, what starting point should I choose?

You can choose another starting point such as grade level or remediation. Or, you can enter the student's RIT score manually. To enter the RIT score manually:
  1. Select the starting point RIT Score.
    • You will see the message: "Some students you have selected have no available RIT data. What starting point would you like to choose for them?"
  2. Select RIT Score. The Manual RIT Entry fields appear.
  3. Enter the student's RIT range in the Low and High fields.
  4. Continue assigning the Skills Locator as normal.
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