November Partner Update - MAP Growth

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NWEA Partner Update - MAP Growth




November Partner Update

Seems like we were just talking about summer and back-to-school season, and now we’re thinking about winter break and winter testing. We have some important updates to MAP® Growth™ to share with you in time for the upcoming testing season, including student engagement, proctor roles, and lockdown browsers. These changes are effective November 13.

Since you may be the only recipient of this email within your district, please forward this email to teachers and other MAP Growth users who might need this information.

Understanding students’ test-taking engagement

Knowing whether or not your student is engaged in test taking is critical. If a student is not engaged, their score will be distorted, and educators may make inferences about a student, class, school, or district based on those distorted scores. The Student Profile report now indicates if a student exhibited rapid-guessing behavior while taking a MAP Growth test. The report shows the following two new metrics below test duration:

  1. Percentage of disengaged responses: The percentage of items on the test that were answered too quickly for a student to have applied effortful behavior to answer the question. 

  2. Estimated impact of disengagement on RIT: Shows how many RIT points higher the student might have scored if they had been fully engaged. For example, with a RIT score of 231 and an estimated impact of -2, the student might have the potential to score 233 if they were fully engaged during testing.

This new test engagement data is based on the average amount of time students have historically taken to answer each question in the MAP Growth item pool. The new data is conservatively calculated (as to not inaccurately flag a disengaged response) to show if a student answered the question too quickly. The new data also appears on the subject tab and the test event pop-ups within the Growth Over Time module.

You may wish to also read the partner resource for training Proctors on disengagement.

Be sure to check out the Student Profile report if you aren’t already using it.

Want to learn how to use the Student Profile report? Try this free online training.

New school-level roles: proctors and coordinators

In response to your requests for better distinctions between school- and district-level roles, the Proctor role has been renamed District Proctor, and we’ve added a new role called School Proctor. School Proctors cannot manage or create students. At this time, School Proctors have the same ability as District Proctors to manage test sessions throughout the district; in spring we will update this functionality to allow School Proctors the ability to manage test sessions only at the school in which they are rostered.

The role of Assessment Coordinator has been renamed District Assessment Coordinator, and we’ve added a new role called School Assessment Coordinator. This is a school-level role with the capability of managing students within the school. If your district doesn’t need proctors to manage students, you can transition to the new School Proctor role, but if a member of school staff still needs to manage students for an individual school, you can give them the School Assessment Coordinator role.

NWEA® high school math administrations for non–Common Core states

If you are in a non–Common Core state, the high school math tests included two administrations per year in the past. Our research team has completed validation of a third administration of these tests, so you can now administer these tests three times per year.

Free trainings with winter testing in mind

In preparation for winter MAP Growth testing, we invite you to review the following complimentary online pre-recorded sessions:

Topic 1: MAP Growth – Proctoring Made Simple (Length: 38 minutes)

Need to learn how to proctor a MAP Growth assessment? This session explores the process and best practices to make sure your test administration runs smoothly. (Audience: Proctors, Testing Coordinators, Teachers, Principals)

Topic 2: MAP Growth – Proctoring Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Length: 28 minutes)

Learn tips and tricks to quickly address and resolve common issues proctors face during MAP Growth testing, such as locating student’s names in the drop-down menu, or what to do if a student’s testing device lost power and shut down while testing. (Audience: Proctors, Testing Coordinators, Teachers, Principals)

Topic 3: Tech Talk: Network, Lab, and Workstation Readiness (Length: 34 minutes)

If your role is to get your computers and system ready for administering the MAP Growth assessment, this session will help make sure you’re prepared for the coming testing season. (Audience: System Administrators, Technology Coordinators, personnel setting up computers to test)

These pre-recorded videos supplement the product training resources available in the help section of the MAP Administration and Reporting Center, as well as the Professional Learning modules.

Take advantage of our online community to access relevant content, search the Support Knowledge Base, and submit support tickets.

Lockdown browser updates coming your way

We'll be updating the lockdown browser for all four platforms (Windows®, Mac®, Chromebook®, and iPad®) in late December. We’re letting you know now so you have plenty of time to update your equipment, as these new lockdown browser versions will provide the following improved testing experiences: 

  • Windows: Updates browser framework for security and compatibility with newer test items and accommodations, addresses defects.
  • Mac: Updates for compatibility with newer test items and accommodations.
  • iPad: Implements Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC) to improve testing security and ease of test management.
  • Chromebook: Improves testing security and compatibility with newer test items and accommodations.

We strongly encourage you to update your lockdown browsers for Windows and Mac, and testing apps for iPads and Chromebooks at your earliest convenience. If your district has installed a lockdown browser on student testing devices, we encourage you install these new platform specific versions by Fall 2018. Older versions of these lockdown browsers will not be supported starting Fall 2018. We'll provide more information as it becomes available.



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