Testing with iPad Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC)

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About Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC) for the NWEA Testing app for the iPad.

Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC) was introduced in version 3.0, released December 2017. AAC prevents students from closing the testing app or navigating to other apps without educators having to configure single app mode (SAM) or Guided Access.
  1. The student launches the NWEA Testing app on their iPad, signs in, and selects their name and test (if applicable) as normal.
  2. The proctor confirms the student as normal.
  3. When the student taps Start Test, they will receive a pop up message labeled Confirm App Self-Lock.
  4. The student must tap Yes to begin their test.

AAC will prevent the student from closing the testing app or navigating to other apps while the test is active.

When will AAC turn off?

AAC will turn off when the test is paused, suspended, terminated, or completed. It will resume when and if the test is resumed. It will also turn off on any error message screen.

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