Which test is included on reports when a student retests?

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If a student takes two tests in the same subject, how does MAP choose which test to include on reports?

The MAP system will choose the test with the lower standard error of measure, or SEM. SEM is an indicator of test precision, and a lower SEM suggests a more precise test score. When comparing the SEM of two tests, we round the SEM to 1 decimal place.

What happens if the SEM for two tests is the same?

In rare circumstances, multiple tests may have the same rounded SEM. When this happens, we use the following comparisons:
  • If SEM is the same, the test taken on the most recent day is selected.
  • If the tests were taken on the same day, the test with the higher RIT score is selected.
  • If the tests have the same RIT score, one of the tests is selected by its internal identification number.

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