Can I delete a test or audio in MAP Reading Fluency?

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If the audio quality is poor or the student did not try, can all or part of the test be deleted?


Deleting a test

A completed test cannot be deleted. An in-progress test that is paused can be deleted on the Proctor Dashboard by selecting Start Over.

Deleting a reading passage

The score and audio recording for an individual reading passage can be suppressed from online and print report views but not permanently deleted.

If an audio recording is a poor reflection of the student’s ability and you wish to remove the result from online and print report views:
  1. In MAP Reading Fluency, go to Reports > Benchmark Reports or Progress Monitoring Reports as appropriate.
  2. Select the student whose audio you want to suppress.
  3. Locate the reading passage and select Review Audio under Actions.
  4. Select Omit Passage.
  5. Click Yes, Omit to confirm.
  6. The button will change to Restore Score. Select this at any time to undo the change.

For more information on reviewing MAP Reading Fluency test results, see Reports for Teachers in the MAP Help Center.

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