No learning statements for a RIT band in the learning continuum

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No learning statements appear for a certain RIT band in the learning continuum.

There are several reasons that there may be no learning statements in a RIT band.
  • The RIT levels could be above or below the intended coverage of the test.
  • In states where users have the ability to filter by grade level standard or perform other means of filtering, there will be RIT ranges that are not aligned to some filter selections.
  • At the time that the test’s learning continuum was published, there may have been no active items at those RIT levels in the test.
  • Some standards are less comprehensive than others, and these areas may not have items at every RIT band.

You can click Edit Display Options and switch to Group by Topic to see the type of content that is assessed for the RIT band, not specific to a particular standard. You can then use that information to apply to the standard without statements. 
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Note: Selecting Group by Topic and then selecting a Grade Level Standard will remove all learning statements since they are not mapped to a topic by a specific state standard.

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