Common Core MAP Growth tests may include field test items that do not support audio

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Common Core MAP Growth tests may include field test items that do not support audio.

Starting Monday, April 30, and through the remainder of spring testing, field testing in MAP Growth may cause students to encounter a small number of items without audio. Field test items are not scored.

Specifically, students taking MAP Growth K-2 (reading and math) will encounter 3 items that will not include audio, and students taking MAP Growth reading or math tests using text-to-speech could see an item with a graphic or equation that is not read out loud. These field test items will occur with items 11,12 and 13 for both MAP Growth reading and math K-2 tests.

We recommend that you prepare students for the possibility of seeing these items and ask them to do their best to answer them and move on to the next item. These items will not be used for scoring, and will not impact the selection of the next item for each student.

Field testing items is an important part of keeping the MAP Growth item bank fresh and enabling us to conduct linking studies that allow us to provide teachers with connections to instructionally useful measures such as Lexile.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause as you conduct MAP Growth spring testing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Partner Support online or call 877-469-3287.

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