How often do I need to submit a roster for MAP Reading Fluency?

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How often does rostering need to be done for MAP Reading Fluency?

As with MAP Growth, you roster students for every testing term, ensuring that every student has the most up-to-date roster data.

MAP Reading Fluency has an additional feature called roster "look back" that allows your teachers continuous access to MAP Reading Fluency between terms. If you have not yet rostered for the current term, the roster look-back feature "looks back" one term, enabling students and teachers to continue to use MAP Reading Fluency without interruption.

Currently, MAP Reading Fluency will only look back one term. So, for example, if you submit a roster for the fall term, and do not submit a roster in winter, MAP Reading Fluency will look back to fall to allow teachers to continue using MAP Reading Fluency with their students. However, when the spring term begins, MAP Reading Fluency will look back to winter and not find any roster data.

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