Missing term when ordering reports

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When you try to order a report, the term is not listed.


Summary reports

The test window must be declared complete one day prior to ordering the District Summary or Student Growth Summary reports. The summary reports will become available the day after testing has been declared complete for the term. See Complete Your Test Window After Testing in the MAP Help Center for instructions.

Data exports

To generate a data export for a term other than the current term, configure a one-time data export. Daily and weekly exports are only available for the current term. See How to Export Data in the MAP Help Center for full instructions.

Individual, class, and grade reports

Most individual, class, and grade reports are available for the current and the previous academic year only. The exception is the Student Profile report, which is available for all past terms. Data exports are also available for all past terms. See Can I order reports for previous terms? for more details on which reports are available for which terms.

What happens when I add new terms or academic years?

If you add new terms or academic years under Modify Preferences > Manage Terms, the terms will be available in menus the next day, as long as the terms otherwise meet all the other reporting rules in the sections above. However, term menus for future academic years will not appear in reports menus.

Does marking a term inactive remove that term from reports?

No. The "Active" checkbox in Modify Preferences > Manage Terms has no effect on reports whatsoever. See What does the "Active" checkbox in Manage Terms do?

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