About the Foundational Skills and Adaptive Oral Reading assessments in MAP Reading Fluency

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MAP Reading Fluency tests are available in two types: Foundational Skills and Adaptive Oral Reading.

There are two types of MAP Reading Fluency tests available to all students:
  • Foundational Skills test
  • Grade-specific Adaptive Oral Reading test

Length: Each assessment is about 20 minutes in length.

Default test assignment: For newly added students or at the start of a new term, MAP Reading Fluency auto-assigns the Adaptive Oral Reading test. This can be changed from the Assignments tab if needed.

Foundational Skills

The Foundational Skills assessment is an adaptive assessment testing skills such as letter-sounds fluency, initial sound fluency, letter knowledge (letter ID or letter naming), listening comprehension and vocabulary. There is no oral reading. Depending on how a student performs on a particular skill, they will advance to a more or less difficult skill, so they may not be assessed in all of the available skills. If students demonstrate enough ability in earlier sub-tests, there may also be silent word and sentence reading.


Adaptive Oral Reading

Grade-specific Adaptive Oral Reading is an adaptive test that starts with students reading a 50-word picture book aloud and then completing a timed sentence-picture matching task to assess basic comprehension skills. If the student passes the sentence-picture matching task, the test branches to the student orally reading 3 passages, each containing 6 comprehension questions. If the student fails the sentence-picture matching task, the student is routed to the Foundational Skills assessment instead.

What score determines if a student is routed to the Foundational Skills test during testing?
A student must answer 15 or more questions correctly at 75% or greater accuracy during the 2-minute long Sentence Reading Fluency to proceed to the Adaptive Oral Reading test. Otherwise, the student will be routed to the Foundational Skills test. For example, a student who scores 14/14 will not qualify for Adaptive Oral Reading, but a student who scores 16/20 would progress to Adaptive Oral Reading.

Test flowchart

See the attached document for a flowchart showing how the test proceeds based on the student's performance.

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