What does NS mean in the results for MAP Reading Fluency?

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When viewing MAP Reading Fluency Reports, you are unable to see a word count per minute (WCPM) score and instead see "NS".

NS means "no score".

Two criteria must be met for a score:
  1. 75% of the passage must be attempted.
  2. A value known as Confidence must surpass a threshold. Confidence is affected by background noise (signal to noise ratio) and by the degree to which the student reads from the text.

The confidence threshold was developed based on our initial student testing to maximize the agreement between human judgement and the artificial intelligence (AI) scores.

If a test does not have a word count per minute (WCPM) score assigned by the system, you can attempt to hand-score the test, or you may retest the student at your discretion. See How to perform self-scoring for audio recordings in MAP Reading Fluency and How to retest students in MAP Reading Fluency.

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