Removing proctor ability to create or edit students

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By default, any user with the District Proctor role can add or edit students. However, sometimes proctors add students without student IDs while proctoring a test session, which can result in students being duplicated or missing reporting attributes. If this is a concern for your organization, you have a few options.

There are 2 options if you wish to limit the ability of proctors to add or edit students. One option is to assign users the School Proctor role instead of the District Proctor role. Another is for NWEA to remove the ability for all proctors to add or modify students.

Use the School Proctor role

Users with the School Proctor role can proctor tests for students in schools to which the proctor is assigned. School Proctors can open test sessions created by District Proctors, or can create their own test sessions, and they cannot add new students or modify existing students. 

System Administrators, Data Administrators, and District Assessment Coordinators can modify user accounts to add the School Proctor role and remove the District Proctor role. If you wish to remove the District Proctor role from all users, please have your System Administrator contact NWEA Partner Support for options.

Remove all proctor ability to create or modify students

NWEA can remove the ability for District Proctors to create new students, or remove their access to modifying students altogether. Please have your System Administrator contact NWEA Partner Support for options.

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