Does the Student Profile report include results from MAP Skills?

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Does the Student Profile report include results from MAP Skills?

Yes. To view MAP Skills data on the Student Profile report:
  1. Select the tab for the subject you're interested in (mathematics or reading).
  2. Under Instructional Areas, you'll see the student's RIT score in that instructional area, as well as the number of strands in that instructional area that the student has tested in MAP Skills.
    MAP Skills Instructional Areas
  3. From here, you can select the RIT Score link, or the Strands Tested link:
    • RIT Score link contains:
      • The student's learning continuum data for this instructional area.
      • A list of related skills available in MAP Skills.
      • The student's current status in each related skill.
      • Whether the student has any assignments for that skill.
      • A button to create the next assignment for the skill, if applicable.
      Screenshot showing a list of skills the student is ready to develop. One skill is labeled M for Mastered, and the assignment status is Assigned. Another skill is UN for Unseen, and there is an Assign Next button.
    • Strands Tested link contains:
      • A button to assign a Skills Locator for untested strands.
        A screenshot showing a list of strands not tested in the instructional area. There is an Assign Locator button to find Needs Work skills in the strand.
      • A list of skills for tested strands, showing the mastery status for the skill, and a button to assign the next assignment for the skill, if applicable.
        A screenshot of a reading skill strand. Some skills are labeled P for Passed, and others NW for Needs Work. Each skill has an Assign Next button for the teacher to create an appropriate assignment.
  4. Where applicable, you can click Assign Next or Assign Locator to go to MAP Skills and create an assignment for the student.

If MAP Skills Data is missing:

Check the following:
  • Your organization must have an active MAP Skills license.
  • MAP Skills must be enabled for your school.
  • The student's MAP Growth test event must be aligned to a MAP Skills test, regardless of whether a student has taken any MAP Skills missions.

Why do I see "0 out of X strands tested" instead of MAP Skills data?

There are a few reasons this message may appear:
  • No missions taken yet: Students who have not taken any MAP Skills missions will not have tested in any strands.
  • No missions taken in the current academic year: Only MAP Skills missions from the current academic year show in the Student Profile report. If you are viewing MAP Growth results from the previous academic year for a student who also completed MAP Skills missions in that academic year, you will see "0 out of X strands tested".
  • MAP Skills is disabled for your school: If your organization has MAP Skills, but it is disabled for your school, you will see "0 out of X strands tested". However, you will not be able to assign any missions.

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