How to retest students in MAP Reading Fluency

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How to retest students in MAP Reading Fluency.

Students can retest in MAP Reading Fluency. To test a student more than once in the same term:
  1. Log in to the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC) and go to MAP Reading Fluency.
  2. Select the Assignments tab.
    • If the Assignments tab is not available, open the Viewing As menu and select Proctor or Instructor.
  3. Use the School, Grades, and Classes filters as appropriate.
  4. Select the orange Assign New Test button for the student. If this button is missing, then the student has not yet completed a test in the current term, and you can assign the initial test as normal. See Assigning Tests in the MAP Help Center.

    Screenshot of the Assignments tab. There is an arrow pointing to the Assignments tab link at the top. Several students are listed. One of the students has an orange button available labeled Assign New Test. There is an arrow pointing to this button.
  5. Select the test you wish to assign.
  6. Click Save to finish assigning the test.

Are the reading passages and questions the same when a student retests?

The test content is a mix of the same items and different items.
  • Picture book reading: In the Adaptive Oral Reading assessment, the picture book at the beginning of the test may vary when a student retests.
  • Reading passages: In the 17/18 academic year, the reading passages may be different. Starting in the 18/19 academic year, the reading passages for the same grade and term will be the same. 
  • Foundational skills items: The questions in the Foundational Skills assessment, as well as the questions in Adaptive Oral Reading when a student does not progress to passage reading, are pulled from the same item pool whenever a student retests in the same term. So they will most likely see some of the same questions, and some different questions.

Do reading passages change from term to term?
Yes, the reading passages change every term and every grade. Within the same grade and term, students who retest see the same reading passage (starting in the 18/19 academic year).

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