Do AERO test items require knowledge of US culture or monetary units?

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Do AERO tests use metric or make any reference to US monetary units? Do any questions require knowledge specific to the United States?

The AERO tests are designed to meet international standards and minimize cultural bias.

AERO tests exclude any items with US customary units (feet, inches, miles) and items that use US monetary values (the $ symbol or questions about the value of coins). 

Some questions may refer to US culture. These items are allowed, so long as they do not require knowledge specific to the US. Students may be exposed to multi-cultural texts that may introduce them to unfamiliar characters, customs, geography, historical eras, etc. from both the United States and other cultures, but these items are created so that the information is accessible to and contextualized for all students. These items do not require any outside knowledge of specific countries or cultures to be answered correctly; all of the information the student needs in order to answer the question will be presented in the item. The passages and items also have been reviewed by external bias, sensitivity, and fairness panelists. If it is determined during this bias and sensitivity review that the material is not accessible to specific audiences or that specific cultural knowledge is needed to answer the item correctly, then that item or passage is not used. 

However, it is possible that some items may have been included by mistake. If you come across such an item, please submit a Problem Item Report using the instructions: How to report a Problem Item.

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