July '18 Partner Update - MAP Growth

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NWEA Partner Update - MAP Growth




July Partner Update

It seems like summer just started, but we’re already planning for your students to have an outstanding testing experience when they return to school. Below you’ll find some updates coming to MAP® Growth™, effective this fall.

Improved student experience

Look for MAP Growth tests to have a modern, app-like look and responsiveness. Students taking MAP Growth (not MAP Growth K–2) will also have four new tools on their toolbar. These embedded universal features are:

  • zoom
  • a digital notepad
  • the ability to eliminate answer options
  • a line reader to make it easier for students to track a line of text

The Student Practice Tests will update before fall testing so students can practice taking the assessment with these changes. Learn more about practice tests in the user community here.

As part of our new look and feel for MAP Growth and MAP Growth K-2, we're including usability improvements to our Gap Match and Graphic Gap Match item types: 

  • Click-n-Pop is the easiest to interact with, simply click the option and it pops into place. If there are multiple locations for an option, it will populate the first available space.  
  • Click-n-Click is replacing what used to be Drag-n-Drop. Click-n-Click works by clicking an option, then clicking the place where you would like that option to move. This greatly simplifies usability for students who might struggle with Drag-n-Drop and is more intuitive for early learners.
  • Drag-n-Drop is still available as a backup interaction within the Click-n-Click functionality. This means students who are comfortable dragging options can still do so. Drag-n-Drop is not available on mobile devices, so Click-n-Click will be the default in this case.

Improved proctor experience

  • Proctors will be able to configure which parts of a test item will be read by Text-to-Speech
  • School proctors will no longer see test sessions that do not include students within their school

Improved teacher experience

The comparisons module of the Student Profile will now include:

  • Lexile® range score
  • the normative growth percentile
  • a student’s achievement and growth quadrant
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
  • predictions of future SAT® scores
  • the Conditional Growth Index
  • an option to see what colleges and universities a student is on track to enter

A very high level of student rapid-guessing can invalidate a test

At the end of every MAP Growth test event, an automatic data quality control process determines if a test score should be considered untrustworthy. Currently such factors as too short of a test duration, too high SEM, and other factors will cause a test event to be invalidated. Beginning July 21, 2018 test events in which 30% or more of the items received rapid guesses will be flagged as invalid. Unlike test duration, which is generic across all items, rapid-guessing detection is based on the amount of time required to read, understand, and answer each unique item. You can find out more about student testing engagement and rapid-guessing here.

Renaming integrated math tests

A MAP Growth license includes tests such as algebra and geometry that can be used at middle school or high school as appropriate in your district, and integrated mathematics. To prevent confusion, starting this fall, the integrated math tests will be named High School Integrated Math.

Reaching our Spanish speaking students

  • Spanish MAP Growth K-2 is now available
  • The Spanish reading screener now has tests for grades K-1, in addition to the 2-8 tests already available
  • We're launching a pilot of our new Spanish MAP Growth Reading product. Partners can assess their Spanish-speaking students with an adaptive measure similar to English MAP Growth Reading, though there are some important differences.

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in learning more about any of these options or want to participate in this exciting pilot!

We’ve sent you a few reminders already this year, but in case it slipped under your radar, the following older browsers and operating systems will no longer be usable for fall:

Operating systems that will not be permitted for MAP Growth testing or administration after July 2018:

  • Mac OSX 10.9
  • Mac OSX 10.10

Operating systems that will no longer be supported after July 2018 and not permitted for MAP Growth testing or administration starting in November 2018:

  • iOS 9 (Please note that this was the final iOS version available for second generation iPads. iPads are not fully supported for proctoring/administration use regardless of iOS version)

Browsers that will no longer be permitted for testing or administration after July 2018:

  • Safari 7 and 8 (minimum version allowed is 9)
  • Firefox version 55 or lower (minimum version allowed is 56)
  • Chrome version 64 or lower (minimum version allowed is 65)

Lockdown browsers (Secure Testing Browsers) released prior to 2018 will no longer be permitted for MAP Growth testing after July 2018. The minimum allowed versions will be:

  • Windows LDB Version from February 2018 (the new version became available June 8)
  • Mac LDB Version
  • Chromebook App Version 3.0.1
  • iPad App Version 3.1

If you have any questions, please contact Partner Support.

Helping you prepare to update your Secure Testing Browsers:

Did you know you can access the Secure Testing Browsers and mobile apps without a login? The Technical Resources page in our community (NWEA Connection) provides access to these valuable resources along with technology guides to help your district’s IT professionals prepare for fall testing. You can also participate in our discussions forum by sharing lab set-up practices and assisting other community members with your expertise.

Updates to Mapping the Road to College

Mapping the Road to College enables teachers, students, and parents to enter a RIT score and see which colleges and universities a student is on track to be accepted to, or could be on track for if their score raises. The resource now uses the updated 2018 US Department of Education College Scorecard data and adds more information for assisting with financial planning for college.

We’re here when you need us—contact Partner Support online

Need help? Click here to chat directly with us online, or call us at 866-654-3246. If the issue you’re experiencing isn’t urgent, consider submitting your question through our online form in the NWEA Connection community. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours from one of our helpful Partner Support representatives.

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