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The Comparisons module in the Student Profile report shows a student’s growth and achievement percentiles and growth projections, as well was the student’s projected results on various proficiency tests, such as your state proficiency test or the SAT and ACT. It also includes Lexile and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level results for reading test results.


Unexpanded Comparisons:

Unexpanded Comparisons Module

The unexpanded comparisons module contains growth and achievement percentiles, the student’s position in a growth and achievement quadrant chart, projections to proficiency tests, and, for reading tests, Lexile and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Levels.

Growth & Achievement Measures
The Norms Percentile section shows the student’s growth percentile and norms percentile, if available. The colored bar shows which quintile the percentile is in. These are the same quintiles used in reports like the Class report and Grade report, where they are listed as “Lo”, “LoAvg”, etc.

The Quadrant Chart section is available if the student has both growth and achievement data. The student’s growth or achievement will be “high” if it is above the 50th percentile, and “low” if it is below the 50th percentile.

See also:Projections
The Projections section shows the student’s projected result on various proficiency tests based on their RIT score. The tests listed will vary, but will typically include your state’s proficiency test, as well as the ACT and SAT.

See also:Readability Measures
For reading tests only, the Readability Measures section shows Lexile and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Levels. This section is not available for mathematics or language arts tests.

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Expanded Comparisons:

Click the arrow button in the upper right of the Comparisons section to expand the Comparisons module.

Expanded Comparisons

See below for larger screenshots and descriptions of these two sections.

Growth & Achievement Measures

Growth & Achievement Measures

The Growth & Achievement Measures section shows the following additional data:
  • Change comparison period for growth by using the menu in the upper right
  • Quadrant chart, similar to the Achievement Status and Growth quadrant chart
  • Conditional Growth Index
  • Projected and Observed growth
For more info on these topics, see: Projections and Readability Measures

Projections and Readability Measures

The Projections and Readability Measures sections are next to the Growth & Achievement Measures section in the expanded Comparisons module. These sections show the following additional data:
  • Links to linking studies for projected results on proficiency tests
  • A link to the College Explorer tool
For more info on these topics, see:

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