How is a student’s Lexile® score determined in MAP Reading Fluency?

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Students who complete the oral reading fluency assessment get a Lexile® score and Lexile range. How is this score and range determined?


Lexile score

The student’s Lexile score is the Lexile text measure of the oral reading passage for which the student was marked “Instructional”. In the passage reading portion of the oral reading fluency assessment, students read aloud up to 3 passages. Each passage has an associated Lexile text measure. When the student reads a passage, the passage is marked as Independent, Instructional, or Frustrational for the student. When the student is marked “Instructional” on a particular passage, the Lexile text measure of that passage becomes the Lexile score for that student.

Lexile range

The Lexile range is 50 points above and below the Lexile score for the student.

Where can I view the student’s Lexile score and range?

You can view the student’s Lexile score on the Student Matrix report:
  1. Navigate to MAP Reading Fluency.
  2. Select the Reports tab.
  3. The matrix report appears. Adjust the Viewing as, Term, Grades, and Classes menus as appropriate.
  4. The student’s Lexile score is in the final column of the report.

To view the student’s Lexile range:
  1. On the Student Matrix report, click the student’s name to go to the individual report.
  2. The Lexile range is listed in the Instructional Reading Level box.

Where can I view Lexile text measure for reading passages?

You can view the Lexile text measure for the reading passages in a student’s assessment in the individual student report, under Test Details & Results.

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