Readability in MAP Reading Fluency: frustrational, instructional, and independent

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When a student reads passages in the adaptive oral fluency assessment, the passage will have a rating for how readable the passage is for the student, based on the student’s comprehension.

The possible readability ratings are frustrational, instructional, and independent.
  • Frustrational: A student's frustrational (sometimes labeled hard) reading level is determined when a student’s accuracy rate is below 89% or comprehension is below 50%.
  • Instructional: A student’s reading level is determined to be instructional when the accuracy rate is between 90% and 97% and comprehension is evident, though not perfect. This is a text that the student can use to learn to extend cuing systems with guidance from the teacher.
  • Independent: A student’s independent (sometimes labeled easy) reading level corresponds to an accuracy rate that is over 98%, with near perfect comprehension. This is a text the student is able to read by themselves without teacher support.

Where can I find the readability ratings for the passages a student read?

Information about each passage a student read, as well as the readability rating for each passage, is in the individual student reports. To view this report:
  1. Navigate to MAP Reading Fluency.
  2. Select the Reports tab to view the Student Matrix report.
  3. Use the Term, Grades, and Classes menus to select the correct group of students, if necessary.
  4. Click the student’s name in the Student Matrix report to go to the student report.
  5. Readability information is found in the Test Details & Results section:
    Screenshot of the Test Details & Results section of the individual student report. 3 passages are listed, and the student's Lexile, WCPM, Decoding Accuracy, Comprehension Quiz, and Readability results for each passage are in a table.

How is the readability rating used?

One of the goals of the adaptive oral reading assessment is to find the student’s instructional reading level, which is expressed as a Lexile measure and Lexile range. The Lexile measure and range are based on the readability of the passage for the student. See Lexile® and MAP Reading Fluency.

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