MAP Reading Fluency: Missing test results in reports

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Some or all students are missing from MAP Reading Fluency reports.

The student's test may still be on progress, or you may need to select a different term. MAP Reading Fluency uses set term dates that may not match the term dates you use elsewhere in MAP. Since the reports default to the current term, you may need to change the term to view results from a prior term. Additionally, if you have students who are dual-enrolled, reports only show students' results at their school of record.

To resolve this issue:
  1. If the student's results do appear, but you are looking for an earlier test result, see How to view previous test results in MAP Reading Fluency.
  2. If the student is dual-enrolled, their results will only appear on reports at their school of record. If you need to change the school of record, see How to designate a new school of record.
  3. Check whether the student's test is still in progress.
    • Teachers: On the Assignments tab, check whether the student's status is In Progress.
    • Proctors: On the Proctor Dashboard tab, check whether the student is listed in the In-Progress Tests column or the Equipment Help Needed column.
  4. Verify the student is listed in your reports:
    1. On the Reports tab, uncheck the Exclude students without results box, if checked.
    2. Verify that the student is listed. If the student is listed, skip down to step 2.
    3. If the student is not listed:
      1. Check the Viewing as, Grade, and Class menus to make sure you are looking at the right data.
      2. Verify that the student is assigned to the correct classes. See Fix Student Account Profile for more information.
      3. If you are an Instructor, verify that the student is rostered to your current class in MAP Reading Fluency. If the student is not included in your current class, you will not be able to view MAP Reading Fluency results for that student, even for prior terms where they were assigned to your class.
        • Note: An instructor's "current" classes will typically be the classes rostered to the instructor for the current term. However, the "roster look-back" feature will allow them to continue using MAP Reading Fluency with their classes from the prior term if your organization has not yet imported a roster for the current term. See How often do I need to submit a roster for MAP Reading Fluency? for more details.
  5. Verify that you are looking at the right term:
    1. In the upper left, find the Term menu.
    2. Change the term to the term in which the student tested.

If the student’s results are still missing, please contact Partner Support for assistance.

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