Student Data Transfers: District to District FAQ

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Student Data Transfer is only available to state-contracted partners. Districts who are not a part of a MAP Growth state contract will not be able to transfer a student's data to another district. For state-contracted districts, when a student moves out of one district and into another within the same state, there is a need for the current and historical data to follow this student to the new district. To accomplish this within MAP Growth, there are a few steps that need to be completed by the Data Administrator at both the original district and the new district.

For instructions on moving students, see How to move students between districts.

Why do I need to check for and merge duplicates of a student I want to move?

If potential duplicates of a student exist, NWEA has no way of knowing definitively if the duplicate student is a true duplicate or a different student with similar attributes (e g: 2 John Smiths born on the same day but are different students). Having the original district merge students ensures that we move all of the data associated with the correct student.

Do I need another login to move a student?

Currently, yes. You will need an NWEA Connection account to access the Student Data Transfer tool. See How do I create an account and sign in to NWEA Connection? Creating an NWEA Connection account will not only allow you to log new cases but also let you review or check the status of any cases you have logged.

How long will it take to move a student’s data?

Once you submit the form and we have all the necessary information to correctly identify the student, we can move the student’s data in 1 business day. See How to move students between districts for instructions. Connect directly to the form here.

What testing data will follow the student to the new district?

All student data, including all historical data, as well as completed, suspended and terminated tests will follow the student through the move. The departing district will no longer have any data on the student.

When will a student be able to start testing?

Students can begin testing as soon as they are rostered. If you have created a profile for the student in your district assessment platform before requesting a student's data, you will need to merge this profile with the profile containing the student's data when it arrives. If this is not done, any testing will be attached to the student's data profile imported from the previous district, and may not appear properly on your reports.

When will the student be available in reports?

Once all the required student reporting attributes have been completed for the student by the destination district, the student will be available in reports the following day. The destination district must enter roster information and reporting attributes for all historical terms for which they want data to appear on reports. If they do not add a particular term, tests for that term will not appear on reports.

What if I do not know where the student will be moving?

You can specify this in your student data transfer request by indicating a destination district for the student as “State Temporary District". If this is done, we will remove the student from your district but keep the data within NWEA. Once you know the destination district, your district can submit another request to complete the move.

Once the student has moved, how can I determine if the student has a suspended test to resume?

You can use our Test History Search feature in Manage Test Sessions. Click on Find Students to Test and then choose the Test History Search tab to identify students with suspended tests.

I am the principal of the school that just received a new student from a neighboring district. I need to get his MAP data from his old district. What if I don’t have a Data Administrator role to request this?

Please contact the MAP System Administrator at your district and have them grant you the Data Administrator role.

Note: Data Administrator role must be added in the MAP system.

I am the Assessment Coordinator that received a new student today from a district that used to use MAP Growth last year, but they are using another interim test this year. Can I still get that historical MAP Growth data, and what is the process to do so?

Yes, you can obtain the historical MAP Growth data. Submit a student data transfer request for this information. See How to move students between districts.

A student is leaving my district tomorrow, but I don’t know where she is moving. Can I still submit a request to remove the student’s data from my district?

You can. The student’s data will be housed within NWEA until the student's data is requested by another district. You can do this selecting “State Temporary District" as the Destination District information in your student data transfer request. See How to move students between districts.

I have about 20 students that I need to move to a variety of districts. Do I have to submit 20 individual forms?

No. The Student Data Transfer form will allow you to upload a CSV of your data. Find instructions on how to use the form here: How to move students between districts, or connect directly to the CSV template here.

I am the Data Administrator for my district that is using MAP Growth this year. I attempted to submit the form, but it was rejected with a message that says I’m not authorized. What do I do?

Your district must currently be part of a state contract to make a Student Data Transfer request. If you are not testing within a state contract and you need historical MAP data from another district, contact that district and ask them to send you the student's historical data through other means. You may contact Partner Support for further guidance.

I got a new student today, and she doesn’t remember if she started the MAP test or not for this term. How can I check that, and how should I proceed with testing this student?

After the student's data is transferred, use the Manage Students screen in MAP to check to see if the student has tested. If your circumstance dictates that you need to test the student now, then do so. Then make a student data transfer request, and merge the student's current profile with the student's profile containing historical data that you receive from the student's prior district. See How to move students between districts.

I got a new student today, and there is only one day left in the testing window.

If you receive a new student and don't have time to request their historical data before the testing window completes, follow this process:
  1. Test the student.
  2. Submit a student data transfer request to obtain the student's historical data. See How to move students between districts.
  3. When the student completes testing, merge the student's two NWEA profiles.

I don't understand why I have to request a transfer. When I roster my data, won't the student automatically be added to my district?

When you roster the student, the student will be added to the district. However, no data from the previous district will be transferred automatically to this student. Requesting a student data transfer for this student allows you to obtain historical assessment data from a prior district for that student. See How to move students between districts.

What happens if a student moves out of state, and then 6 months later moves back to my district? Do I need to do anything?

Roster the student as normal. Your historical data for this student will still exist in your system. If you need the historical data from the other out-of-state district, you will need to contact the district directly and arrange to have the data transferred to you by other means.

I have a student who used to be in a district in my state other than mine, but left the state for over a year and is now back at my district. What do I do?

Roster the student as normal. If historical data is needed, and either your district or the other district in your state mentioned are part of a state contract, the historical data can be obtained by performing a student data transfer request. See How to move students between districts.

A student just moved to my district but they (or their parents) are saying they already tested. Is there a way I can confirm this?

Request a student data transfer for the student and check their historical data for the completed assessment via the Manage Students screen in MAP. If you are close to the end of your testing window, NWEA recommends contacting the district the student is moving from and verifying their testing status. See How to move students between districts.

A student is leaving my district but has already completed his math test, and started reading but did not finish. Will he need to take those tests again at the new district?

No. After the student's historical data has been moved to the new district, the completed test will show and the proctor will be able to resume the suspended reading test for the student.

In my state, there are multiple vendors administering the K-2 test. I have a student who came into my district from a different vendor. How do I handle that?

Roster and test as normal. NWEA cannot accept non-NWEA data into our database.

Once I've transferred the students, do I still need to roster them each term?

If you have transferred students to your district, you will need to roster them each term as normal.

My district uses auto-rostering. I received a transfer request for the student to move to another district, but they still appear in my roster list. How do I fix that?

Remove the student from your student information system (SIS).

A grade 2 student came into my district with MAP K-2 scores. This student should be testing on the MAP 2-5 assessment based on my state's state transition guidance. How would I proceed?

Test per your state guidelines using MAP Growth.

A student was just transferred to my district. Is there a way to know which accommodations were used by the previous district?

Accommodation data should move with the student when the mobility transfer is complete. This information also exists in the Comprehensive Data File. See Which tests are included in the Comprehensive Data File and Combined Data File?

I just have one Student Data Transfer request. Can I just call your technical support and have them submit the request for me?

Unfortunately, our technical support team cannot complete the form for you. There are legal restrictions on the entry of student's personally identifiable information (PII) into our ticket tracking system, as well as legal disclaimers on the form that you must complete.

My district used to use MAP Growth but we are no longer participating in the state-sponsored MAP Growth contract. A student moved into a neighboring district that is using MAP Growth, and I would like to transfer our historical MAP Growth data for that student to the new district. I cannot access the form, though. How do I proceed?

Contact the state-contracted district to which the student moved and ask that they submit a student data transfer request. See How to move students between districts.

I am no longer using MAP as part of our state contract, but I want to transfer MAP data for those students that have moved out of my district.

Only district partners under a state MAP Growth contract can use the Student Data Transfer tool. The districts receiving the student will need to initiate the student data transfer request. See How to move students between districts.

If a student is moved from one district (departing) to another district (destination), and both are using the NWEA Comprehensive Assessment Platform, is the data available to the departing district?

When NWEA moves student data from one district to another, the departing district no longer has access to that data.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact the support team for your state:
  • Arkansas: 855-225-0294
  • Nebraska: 855-225-9926
  • Nevada: 855-225-0234

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