Error: Students cannot be added to your active testing session

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When starting a test session, you get an error message: "Some students cannot be added to your active test session".

The full error message reads: "The following students cannot be added to your active test session. They may no longer be associated to the schools you have access to proctor or are no longer rostered in the term." A list of affected students follows.

This error message has 2 possible causes:

  • The students listed are not rostered to the current term.
  • You are a School Proctor and the students listed are not assigned to your school.

To continue to the test session, click Continue with remaining students. Any unrostered students will be removed from the session, and any students not assigned to your school (if you are a School Proctor) will be hidden from the session.

Cannot be added to a test session

To verify the student's enrollment for the current term, see Fix Student Account Profile in the MAP Help Center. These steps require the District Proctor, Data Administrator, or School Assessment Coordinator role.

To check or adjust the term dates for your organization, see Date Setup Before Testing in the MAP Help Center. These steps require the System Administrator or District Assessment Coordinator role.

If you are a School Proctor and you are not assigned to the correct schools, please contact the MAP System Administrator, District Assessment Coordinator, or Data Administrator at your organization for assistance with adjusting your user roles. For more information on MAP roles, see Choose MAP Roles in the MAP Help Center.

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