How to assign text-to-speech to a student

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How to assign the text-to-speech (or read-aloud) accommodation to a student.

To enable the built-in text-to-speech functionality on a MAP Growth assessment for a student:
  1. Create or open a test session as normal and assign the test to a student. See Set Up Testing for Students in the MAP Help Center.
  2. Select the students you wish to assign text-to-speech to.
  3. Verify that the student already has a test assigned. If not, click the Assign Test(s) button to assign a test. Text-to-speech is not available for K-2 tests or Spanish language tests.
  4. Select the Accommodations button. See Accommodations and Accessibility in the MAP Help Center.
  5. Scroll to either the Embedded Designated Features section or the Embedded Accommodations section.
    • The text-to-speech options are located under both sections, and the functionality is the same under either section.
  6. Select Text-to-speech.
    • If the text-to-speech options are greyed out, verify that the student has an eligible test assigned. Text-to-speech is not available for K-2 tests or Spanish language tests.
  7. Select the areas of the test item that will be read aloud. Note that text-to-speech is not supported for K-2 or Spanish assessments. The options are listed below:
    • Answer choices
    • Assets such as reading passages
    • Question directions
    • Questions/prompts

      Proctor Text-to-Speech options
  8. Select Assign at the bottom of the screen.
  9. When the student starts their test, they will see the text-to-speech buttons in the toolbar.

    Student Toolbar
  • You can only assign accommodations to a student who is not actively testing.
  • The option to read aloud "Assets such as reading passages" applies to all subject areas, not just reading. For example, on math tests, tables and charts would be read aloud if this option is checked.
  • Your selections remain for as long as you use this testing session. If you do not want these accommodations for other tests, then either assign those tests in a separate testing session, or modify the accommodations before the student takes another test.

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