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Text-to-speech is enabled for a student's test, but it isn't working correctly

There are several reasons why text-to-speech may not be working.

If text-to-speech isn't working correctly, check the following:
  1. If text-to-speech works, but is mispronouncing or otherwise incorrectly reading the text on a particular question, see How to report a problem item in MAP Growth.
  2. Check the Accommodations field in the proctor console to verify the student is assigned an accommodation.
    • The student must be assigned an eligible test before you assign accommodations. Text-to-speech is not supported for K-2 tests (including Skills Checklist and K-2 Screening tests).
  3. Verify that the student is assigned the correct accommodation (for example, text-to-speech vs. human reader) and that the correct sections of the test item are selected:
    1. If the student is testing, suspend the test, then select the student and choose Test Again from the Select Action menu.
    2. Follow the steps in How to assign text-to-speech to a student.
  4. Windows: Verify that the student is using the most recent version of the NWEA Secure Testing Browser. See About the NWEA Secure Testing Browser for Mac and Windows.
  5. Verify that the audio for the computer or device is turned on and is loud enough.
  6. If text-to-speech is not working for any students, your IT department may need to verify your network settings. See Firewall in the MAP Help Center.

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