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Text-to-speech is enabled for a student's test, but it isn't working correctly

There are several reasons why text-to-speech may not be working.

If text-to-speech isn't working correctly, check the following:
  1. If text-to-speech works, but is mispronouncing or otherwise incorrectly reading the text on a particular question, see How to report a problem item in MAP Growth.
  2. Check the Accommodations field in the proctor console to verify the student is assigned an accommodation.
  3. Verify that the text-to-speech accommodation is configured to read the correct sections of the test item. See How to assign text-to-speech to a student.
  4. Windows: Verify that the student is using the most recent version of the NWEA Secure Testing Browser. See Lockdown Browser: Features, versions, download, installation, and updates.
  5. Verify that the test is compatible with text-to-speech. MAP Growth K-2 and Spanish language tests do not have text-to-speech functionality.
  6. Verify that the audio for the computer or device is turned on and is loud enough.
  7. If text-to-speech is not working for any students, your IT department may need to verify your network settings. See Firewall in the MAP Help Center.

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