How do students use text-to-speech in a MAP Growth test?

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How do students use the text-to-speech functionality in a MAP Growth test?

The proctor must assign the text-to-speech accommodation to the student for text-to-speech to be enabled. See How to assign text-to-speech to a student. Students with text-to-speech enabled for their test will see extra options in the toolbar at the top of their test, along with the standard highlighter, eraser, and calculator (calculator only available on certain test questions):

text-to-speech toolbar

For more detail on what each button does, see the chart below:
ButtonDescriptionWhat it does
Play from top iconPlay from beginningStarts reading at the first text-to-speech-enabled portion of the item and continues reading all enabled portions of the item.
Select to play iconSelect to playSelect this button and click on any of the text-to-speech-enabled text you want read aloud. It will continue reading from there.
Play Pause iconPlay/pauseWhile text-to-speech is speaking, you can pause or resume playing the audio with this button.
Volume iconVolumeAdjusts the volume up or down.

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