When should MAP Reading Fluency and MAP Growth be given?

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Is there a suggested sequence? For example, should I give a MAP Growth test first then MAP Reading Fluency?

You can give MAP Growth and MAP Reading Fluency in either order. We suggest for them to be used at the beginning of each term to allow for data-driven instruction. Districts can determine the sequencing at their discretion based on their needs, computer availability/access, etc.

Should MAP Growth and MAP Reading Fluency be taken close together?

NWEA recommends that students test at roughly the same relative place within each term, preferably toward the beginning. Students who take MAP Growth would take MAP Reading Fluency during a separate test session, typically within two weeks of each other.

Are the testing terms the same for both MAP Growth and MAP Reading Fluency?

MAP Growth terms are set locally and can be adjusted accordingly to your district's preferences. MAP Reading Fluency terms are fixed in the reporting system, meaning the criteria to “meet expectation” will shift on designated days each year. The seasonal boundaries for MAP Reading Fluency are:
  • Fall: 7/20 - 11/30
  • Winter: 12/1 – 2/28
  • Spring: 3/1- 7/19

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