August '18 Partner Update - MAP Growth

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NWEA Partner Update - MAP Growth




August partner update

Just like your students, MAP® Growth™ is growing too. In this email, you’ll find a few updates to MAP Growth that are available now and a few coming later this fall.

Since you may be the only recipient of this email within your district, we encourage you to forward this to teachers and others who might benefit from this information. You’ll find this, as well as past partner updates, available in our  Community.

The top 4 changes proctors need to know about for fall:

  1. The school proctor role has changed; school proctors can no longer see other school proctors’ test sessions
  2. Tests that have 30% or more items rapid-guessed will be marked invalid. Learn how to prevent this from happening
  3. Students taking MAP Growth (not MAP Growth K-2) have four new tools on the toolbar. The Student Practice Tests will update before fall testing so students can practice taking the assessment with these changes. Learn more about practice tests in the user community here. The changes to the toolbar are:
    • Zoom
    • A digital notepad
    • The ability to eliminate answer options
    • A line reader to make it easier for students to track a line of text
  4. Proctors have the ability to configure what parts of an item will be read aloud when Text to Speech is used.

Student Profile will be easier to access

Beginning August 18, there will now be another way to access the Student Profile Report. For students rostered to the current term, you can now use the Student Quick Search by simply typing in the student’s name or student ID into the Student Quick search, found on the MAP Growth Reports page.

New high school science assessments available August 24

Look for the following new science assessments to support high school instruction:

  • We’ve extended MAP Growth Science for use with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to grades 9–12
  • We’ve added a Life Sciences assessment for grades 9–12. This assessment covers biology content and can be used to track achievement and growth for students taking biology courses.

Learn more about MAP Growth Science for use with NGSS in our FAQ here.

Class and grade reports will begin showing reasons for test invalidations

Effective August 18, the Class and Grade reports will explain why any test was invalidated. You can find out more about invalidated tests here.

New and improved Lexile linking study

Our new Lexile® linking study (effective August 18) improves the precision and range of our linkage to the Lexile scale. Important changes with this update include improvements to the Lexile measure over the years and an updated method for linking to the Lexile scale.

Changes to the Lexile measure: Previously, the Lexile scale started at 0. Based on this, NWEA® reported all Lexile scores below 100 as BR for beginning readers. Since then, the Lexile scale has extended below 0 down to -400 (reported as BR400L). Our new Lexile linking study enables us to report Lexile scores all the way down to BR400L and to report scores 0 to 100 as 0L to 100L (instead of as BR), reflecting the current Lexile scale.


Past fall test events from July 23, 2018 to August 17, 2018 will begin using the new Lexile linking study on reports beginning August 18. You will see the new Lexile reflected for these test events by re-generating reports for those dates beginning August 18.

Learn more about how this will affect reporting and Lexile scores here.

New Quantile linking study

This new  resource makes it possible to find the quantile for a MAP Growth math RIT score. The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics can be used to find resources for individualized mathematics instruction.

New to MAP Spanish

We’re expanding our suite of Spanish assessments to include the following new tests this fall:

  • Spanish MAP Growth Math for grades K–2 (in addition to the 2–8 tests already available)
  • Spanish Reading Screener for grades K–1 (in addition to the 2–8 tests already available)
  • A pilot of Spanish MAP Growth Reading for grades K–2 and 2–5. Contact your Account Manager to learn more about this exciting new pilot!

Webinars Help Prepare for MAP Testing this fall

MAP Growth: Proctoring Made Simple:
Need a refresher course on how to proctor a MAP Growth assessment? Have you never used MAP before? This webinar covers the basics of managing a test session to get you started after a break or for first time proctors.

MAP Growth: Proctoring Tips and Tricks:
Is your student having difficulty finding her name in the dropdown menu? Did your student’s testing device lose power during the test? This webinar will provide tips and tricks to quickly address common issues proctors may face during MAP Growth Testing.

MAP Growth Tech Talk: Network, Lab, and Work Station Readiness:
If your role is to get computers and the system ready for administering the MAP Growth assessment, this webinar will help in making sure you are prepared for this coming test season.

These recorded webinars are available in our video library in the Community.

We’re here when you need us—contact Partner Support

Need help? If the issue you’re experiencing isn’t urgent, consider submitting your question through our  form in the NWEA Connection community. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours from one of our helpful Partner Support representatives.

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