Will disengaged tests appear on reports?

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If a student is disengaged (rapidly guesses) through a large proportion of their test, will that test be valid on reports?

Currently, tests taken after October 30, 2018 with a high level of disengagement or rapid guesses are considered valid on reports. Tests taken earlier in the Fall 2018 term were automatically invalided if the student rapid-guessed on at least 30% of the questions on the test.

Tests taken after October 30, 2018

These tests appear normally on reports. You can use the Student Profile or the Grade Breakdown reports to see the % of questions on which a student rapidly guessed. If you wish to manually exclude tests from reports, see Fix Test Event Records in the MAP Help Center.

We intend to re-enable the feature that automatically invalidates tests with a high level of rapid-guessing at a future date.

Tests taken between July 2018 and October 30, 2018

If a student rapidly guessed on 30% or more of the questions on a Growth test, the test was automatically invalidated. As with other invalidated tests, the test appears in gray text on the Class report and the Grade report, and has an invalidation code of ***7.

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