Workarounds and configurations for JAWS and MAP Growth

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NWEA is currently experiencing issues with Accessible MAP Growth tests and JAWS screen reader.

NWEA strives to provide MAP Growth partners with an accessible and flawless test experience; however, sometimes JAWS, Firefox, Windows, and MAP Growth don’t always interact the way we want them to. While we work to resolve these issues, we have identified configurations and workarounds for known issues to help students using JAWS with our accessible MAP Growth tests.


Resources for JAWS troubleshooting

We recommend bookmarking the following sites for additional JAWS hot key commands and related troubleshooting best practices:

Recommended configurations for use with JAWS and accessible MAP Growth tests

We recommend the following:

How to best navigate a MAP Growth question

  • To navigate through a MAP Growth question, use the Tab or Down Arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • To navigate a table, use the Down Arrow key.
  • To navigate answer choices, use the Tab or Down Arrow keys.
  • To reread the entire question, press Insert+Down Arrow. This is the JAWS read-all command.

How to best answer a MAP Growth question

  • To quickly cycle through the available answer choices, press the A or X keys on the keyboard as appropriate:
    • A = radio buttons
    • X = checkboxes
  • To select an answer, use the Spacebar key. Do not use the Enter key.
  • To submit the answer, press the B key twice on the keyboard until the student gets to the Next button. Then press the Spacebar key to continue.
    • You can also navigate to the Next button with Tab, but this is a longer navigation path.
: Intermittently, JAWS will not announce that you have selected an answer, and does not notify you that the Next button is available.

What should I do if JAWS is stuck in a loop or the keyboard navigation is out of sync? For example, I can't hear the question, or I am having issues navigating to headings and regions on the page.

To resolve this issue:
  1. Press Insert+Esc to refresh JAWS.
  2. Once JAWS is refreshed, press the H key to find the nearest heading. This helps identify where you are in the MAP Growth question.
  3. Once you know where you are in the question, press the Tab or Down Arrow keys to continue navigating.

Practice Test

You can practice navigating MAP Growth tests with our practice tests, available online at For more information on practice tests, including the login username and password, see Practice Tests for MAP Growth in the MAP Help Center.

Note: The Subject field in the practice test drop-down menu is inaccessible with JAWS. The student will need help to select a subject. After selecting a subject, the student can navigate the test on their own. NWEA is working to resolve this issue.

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