Lexile measures in MAP Reading Fluency and MAP Growth differ

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A student who tests in both MAP Reading Fluency and MAP Growth will get a Lexile® measure in both assessments. However, these Lexile measures may be different, depending on the student's strengths.

A student’s Lexile results may vary between MAP Growth and MAP Reading Fluency if they have relatively higher or lower achievement in one domain or the other. For example, a child who cannot read a simple text on his own will have a low Lexile measure from MAP Reading Fluency. But if the student understands text deeply when it is read aloud, the student may have a high Lexile result on MAP Growth K-2.

Conversely, we would typically expect a student to obtain a higher Lexile measure on MAP Reading Fluency than on the MAP Growth 2-5 test, which is not read aloud. If the student does score higher in MAP Reading Fluency than in MAP Growth 2-5, the student may have particular difficulty with reading aloud, or may have underperformed relative to their ability.

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