How to delete a class

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How to delete a class.

Users with the Data Administrator, System Administrator, or District Assessment Coordinator role can manually delete individual classes, as long as those classes have no students assigned. Data Administrators can delete all classes in a school via a roster import.


Delete individual class manually

You cannot delete classes with students assigned, unless the class is a multiple-instructor class (in which case the class is not deleted, but simply removed from one of the teacher's profiles). If the class has students assigned, we recommend leaving the class in place, or renaming the class to indicate it is not in use. You can also assign the class to another teacher. For steps to edit the class name, or reassign the class to another teacher, see Fix Teacher Profiles in the MAP Help Center. If you still need to delete the class, see How to update student or class information in bulk for steps to remove all students from a particular class.

For steps to delete a class that has no students assigned, see Fix Teacher Profiles.

Delete all classes

Users with the Data Administrator role can import a roster to delete existing classes and replace them with new classes. When you import a roster using the Standard - Overwrite option, all roster data including classes will be removed and replaced with the data included in your new roster file. Warning: This roster option can result in students and teachers being omitted from reports. Please carefully review this article before proceeding: What does "Overwrite" do when importing rosters?

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